The importance of restaurant equipment maintenance

The restaurant industry spends a lot of money (we are talking a few billion) when it comes to purchase of new and used equipment for their operations. So, there is no doubt that proper maintenance is very important for this valuable investment being made by most restaurants. Why then are some of them lax when it comes to this activity.

Face it. Most restaurants are busy. From ensuring tables are filled to providing service, from ensuring adequately stocked product and ingredients, to managing the front of house, from paying bills to other activities who does have time to sneak in regular,

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proactive maintenance? It ends up being reactive repair – well in a

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lot of cases.

So why is restaurant equipment maintenance important. Common sense would tell you that repairs to such heavy duty equipment can be costly. But that is not all. Ill-maintained equipment can be a drain on resources – by this we mean your utility bill. Inefficiencies will lead to higher utility bill expenses. Not only that. Poorly maintained equipment is more susceptible to breakdowns thus affecting your

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operations and damaging your reputation (imagine your fryer seizing up during happy hour). Also equipment that is poorly maintained has a shorter life span so restaurant owners would find themselves investing in replacements sooner than they should realistically be doing. Lastly ever bought a used car? The questions that you ask and the research you do before you buy it. Would it help your buying decision if all the maintenance logs from the dealer were provided for inspection. Imagine similar detailed reports on maintenance provided for specific restaurant equipment. Its sure to sell quickly and for a higher price.

At 500Gallons we take restaurant equipment maintenance very seriously. Our online software application (which by the way is free) provides comprehensive capabilities when it comes to equipment maintenance. As a restaurant owner/operator you can choose from a dictionary of common tasks (categorized by equipment). So dive in

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and customize kitchen maintenance tasks for equipment such as cleaning boilers, alignments of broilers with exhaust hoods, or quick hop over to the Refrigeration section

and schedule a check for defrosting on evaporator coils. The system is so flexible that it will also

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take custom maintenance tasks that are unique to your equipment and needs.

The maintenance portal allows the user to set reminders with frequencies ranging from daily, weekly, every two weeks, once a month, once every 3 months, once every half a year, or once a year. A user can even select how much prior intimation is tobe provided for the reminder. Should they be reminded a day before the event or a week before etc. Also, the system provides easy to use interfaces where a restaurant can enter information about its users. This information collected via ‘Add Contacts’ a simple to use dialog box collects information such as name, email and phone number of those who will be assigned maintenance tasks. Assign maintenance tasks to employees in your restaurant and 500Gallons will take care of

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the rest. Reminders are sent as SMS to smart phones, or as emails (your choice). Employees can respond back once they have performed the required maintenance action. The system automatically updates itself. Restaurant owners can print reports and other statistics so they have better insights into their operations.

All in all the 500Gallons restaurant maintenance system provides an easy to use interface that helps restaurant owners extend the lives of their equipment, improve its efficiency and retain its value. At 500Gallons we believe conservation is smart business. If you wish to try our maintenance system or other aspects of our free web based application targeting restaurant profitability, be sure to visit and sign up for our beta release.

Happy Cooking!

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